How to create a manual ODBC connection to an OLite database


Sometimes I required to troubleshoot in the OLite database of a mobile component having only temporary access to it. In this case it is very useful to copy the database files in your computer, connect to it and take your time for investigating any issue.

You can follow next steps for it:

  1. Copy the OLite *.obs and odb files into a local path
  1. Register the ODBC driver for the product in the Windows Registry, as follows:


  • Create a new KEY:
  • Oracle Lite 40 ODBC Driver
  • Add next values:
  • 32Bit = 1
  • ApiLevel = 0
  • ConnectFunctions = YYN
  • Driver = c:\mobileclient\bin\olod2040.dll
  • DriverODBCVer = 02.00
  • SQLLevel = 0
  • Setup = c:\mobileclient\bin\olad2040.dll


  • Add a new value:
  • Oracle Lite 40 ODBC Driver = Installed
  1. Create a new ODBC DSN entry

Using the ODBC Data Source Administrator taking special attention to:


  • Data Source Name: How you want to identify that connection
  • Database Directory: The path where the files have been copied
  • Database: the database name (without extensions)


  1. Test your connection with msql:

Note: You need to know the password of the user which the database has been copied from.

C:\>msql system/<user_password>@jdbc:polite:<data_source_name>


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